Enterprise Services

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Everything’s On the Table

Performance pressures are driving many manufacturers to examine all of their methods, practices, and partnerships, hoping to unlock more value. Everything is on the table. However, even the most visionary and innovative re-imagining of your operations can be inhibited by structural, financial, or other seemingly intractable roadblocks that are specific to your situation.

Unique Ownership Structure & Outlook

The Whitesell Group is privately owned and well capitalized. Our entrepreneurial spirit, unique structure, and rapid decision-making can lead to more imaginative partnerships, enabling us to become an active extension of your business for the long term. We are process-focused and experienced in recognizing win-win opportunities through creative alignments. We can perceive, fund, innovate, and execute where others simply can’t.

The Whitesell Group’s enterprise-level solutions include:

  • Acquisition of troubled or distressed suppliers and supply chains
  • Purchase or assumption of OEM vertically integrated processes and operations
  • Purchase of OEM assets
  • Global supply and support
  • Custom third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Leveraged consolidations with contractual year-over-year cost-downs
  • Outsourcing
  • Assemblies, sub-assemblies, firewall testing, 100% tested parts, sequencing, etc.
  • Creative strategies and resources to unlock deep value
Enterprise Services January 11, 2016