Whitesell in 2 Minutes

An infographic illustrating the prime takeaways of Whitesell Group. Whitesell was founded in 1971 in Muscle Shoals, Alabama by Blake and Prudy Whitesell. An international footprint with global reach to be anywhere you need to be. Over 2 Million square feet under roof of Manufacturing and Distribution / Logistics operations. Over 700 Metal Forming Machines, many state-of-the-art; and a Master International Distribution Center of more than 300,000 square feet, with 3PL, Kitting, Assembly and broad outsource capabilities. Whitesell is a privately held company that benefits from visionary hands-on ownership with a longer-term outlook than other public competitors. A financially robust entity with rapid decision making, so as be able to make investments in support of strategic and enterprise level deals. Whitesell has made more than twenty-five acquisitions since 1985 investing and acquiring for broader integrated core-competence and capability rather than merely revenue. Whitesell is a substantially more creative supply chain partner, through both superior R&D and Technical capabilities, and a much broader and continually expanding range of core-competent process and product capabilities. Whitesell utilizes a different model of vertical integration with flat management and shared revenue models providing a smarter and more powerful model for leveraging more value out of a supply chain. As a result, Whitesell has considerably greater bandwidth and the horsepower to develop programs, processes, systems and deals that can deliver sustainable, multi-year cost savings for the customer.
Whitesell in 2 Minutes December 21, 2015