Products & Processes

A Wider Range of Products with End-to-End Supply Chain Management

The Whitesell Group provides the widest available range of highly engineered, specialty, and standard or Class C products and extended services solutions for several industry segments, including automotive (OEM-direct and tier), aerospace, defense, lawn and garden, appliance, elevator, HVAC, energy, heavy equipment, and others. We support our customers’ needs for supply chain consolidation and sustainable material cost-downs through strategic acquisitions. We continue to expand toward a market-dominant position of core competence across a diverse range of product solutions and metal forming processes, all with single-source logistical support.

Superior Technical & Engineering Resources

The Whitesell Group differentiates itself in markets globally by better enabling and empowering its customers to innovate. We apply superior technical resources to our design engineering, manufacturing engineering, and applications engineering, all while dedicating the efforts of our specialists and scientists to research and development. We have also vertically integrated diverse process capabilities, in contrast to other supply chain services providers. In addition, we offer creative approaches to outsourcing, assembly and sub-assembly, third-party logistics (3PL), and end-to-end supply chain management programs.

Comprehensive Products & Processes Provide Value for Customers

The Whitesell Group’s product solutions and in-house process capabilities save customers time and money, while providing additional benefits such as:

  Shorter development cycles and time to market

  Faster rates of production/throughput and finish machining

  Reduction in materials used (and related costs), with less scrap and waste

  Improved product strength, integrity, hardness, consistency, etc.

  Lower energy requirements and diminished carbon footprint

  Assistance with applications design and engineering

  Ability to “design to cost” and validate manufacturability

  Product standardization and consolidation (SKU reductions)

  Synergies and cost savings from greater leverage in sourcing, purchasing, assembly, delivery, etc.


100 percent sorted parts

Our product solutions include:

  • Engineered metal formed components (including exotic metals)
  • Cold formed components
  • Cold forged components
  • Near net forms
  • Hydromat / rotary transfer CNC machined components
  • CNC precision screw machined components
  • Highly engineered, specialty, and standard fasteners of all types
  • Threaded components
  • Formed & machined components
  • Injection molded components
  • Overmolded components
  • Laser cut metal fabrications
  • Stampings
  • Complete & tested assemblies


image of milling and turning

Our process capabilities* include:

  • Multi-die cold forming
  • Multi-die cold forging
  • Near-net forming
  • Exotic metal forming
  • Automated rotary transfer machining
  • Hydromat CNC machining
  • CNC precision machining
  • Swiss machining
  • Internal and external threading
  • CNC laser-cut fabrication
  • Sheet metal fabrication & welding
  • Stamping
  • High-pressure die casting
  • Plastic injection molding and overmolding
  • Milling, turning, and transfer machining
  • Bending
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Assemblies and sub-assemblies

* The Whitesell Group’s many metal forming processes can be vertically integrated to achieve various cost savings and technical advantages, per customer requirements.

Unique Capabilities

Other companies simply do not have core competencies in both manufacturing and distribution, or the in-house technologies, vertical integration, and partnerships to compete with the Whitesell Group’s product solutions and process capabilities.

Products & Processes December 11, 2015