Process Capabilities

Process is the Heart of Innovation

The Whitesell Group combines innovative metal forming technologies with leading-edge process capabilities, providing creative component solutions that:

  • Improve production speed and efficiency
  • Reduce or eliminate manufacturing costs
  • Resolve design and application problems
  • Use special or exotic materials and reduce scrap
  • Increase component strength, performance, functionality
  • Simplify, customize, and accelerate assembly


Breakthrough products come from the forefront of engineering. We apply process, design, and applications engineering to our manufacturing and distribution solutions. Our engineering capabilities broaden and deepen the company’s metal forming processes and expertise through:

  • Dedicated Product and Process Development resources and metal forming “black box” projects operated in conjunction with top-tier OEMs
  • 3D FEA simulation and validation capabilities
  • Expertise in manufacturing and process engineering, as well as design engineering, design-to-cost, and design-to-material
  • Leading capability in exotic materials such as Duplex 2205, DIN 1.4418, 304L, and 430

Technician in a clean room

cold forming drawer inset 2

Cold Forming

The cold forming process is celebrated for its ability to produce several hundred complex components per minute from room temperature wire. Cold forming lowers production costs more than any other method, and it ensures greater component strength, hardness, and design integrity. Net or near-net shapes from cold forming (and cold forging) also provide more precise tolerances and part-to-part consistency than other processes. The Whitesell Group has more than 40 years of progressive cold forming experience. No one in today’s marketplace is better equipped to cold form highly complex components.

CNC Precision Machining Rotary Transfer Machining

CNC Precision Machining

Whitesell maintains one of the largest arrays of modern precision machining technologies in North America, including leading Hydromat, multi-spindle, and rotary transfer machines. By leveraging a wider range of precision machining capabilities, superior efficiencies, and best practices from other metal forming processes, the Whitesell Group helps OEMs significantly reduce the number of machines, operations, manpower, and other associated costs required for inbound components.

Milling and Turning Process

Milling & Turning

Whitesell has decades of experience in the milling and turning of large, highly complex precision machined components. This capability is necessary to meet the mission-critical specifications of such markets as aerospace, power generation, oil & gas, and military & defense. Key features of our full-scale milling and turning capabilities include:

  • Extensive machining capabilities, including 5-axis machining centers and coordination of measuring machines
  • Accommodation of complex parts ranging from 1” to 140”, from hog out to near-net castings
  • Expertise in specialty material machining, including magnesium, titanium, aluminum, and Inconel

Milling and Turning Product Example

Milling and Turning Product Example 2

Vertical Process & Technology Integration

To achieve maximum efficiency, we vertically integrate numerous processes and technologies. For instance, we cold form parts into near-net shapes and then CNC precision machine those components into their final forms. This can substantially increase production rates and reduce time, costs, raw materials, waste and scrap, energy use, and carbon footprints associated with traditional precision machining. The processes and technologies now vertically integrated at the Whitesell Group include:

 Orbital forming

 Thread rolling

 Cold forming

 Cold forging

 Screw machining

 Milling and turning

 Aluminum casting and machining

 CNC precision machining

 Rotary transfer machining

 Warm forming

 Forming and finishing of aluminum, Duplex 2205, and DIN 1.4418

 Sheet metal fabrication

 Powdered metal fabrication


 Die casting

 Flattening and piercing





 Drilling and tapping

supply chain management of precision machined components

Supply Chain Management of Precision Machined Components

Whitesell’s commitment to re-conceptualizing component production extends to supply chain management. We consolidate OEMs’ component production and channel products through our logistics and distribution, delivering sweeping supply chain management solutions. This includes vendor managed inventory (VMI) for standard or Class C components, customized to each OEMs’ facilities and specifications.

Whitesell assembler and work station.

Assemblies & Sub-Assemblies

Several OEMs realize substantial cost savings by leveraging Whitesell’s assembly and sub-assembly expertise. Instead of having to assemble two, three, or more components, they receive a single, ready-to-install assembly. This not only reduces their assembly costs and eliminates multiple SKUs, but also saves them time during installation. Further, Whitesell works with OEMs to engineer several series of parts that work in concert and help achieve optimum total performance in the application, while reducing assembly, materials, and other costs associated with administration and installation. Our assembly and sub-assembly services can be creatively applied to virtually any part we source.

A Whitesell operator assembling a door interlock switch

bagging and kitting

Bagging & Kitting

From fully customizable, small-quantity bagging from North America to pre-packaged, cost-optimized kits from Asia, we offer several creative supply chain management solutions. For greater efficiency, MRO supplies can also be delivered through the same custom supply chain systems as production components.

Outsourced Processes - A Whitesell Operator is completing the assembly of a critical elevator safety component.

Operator is completing the assembly of an elevator “safety.” Whitesell assembles all the components to a specific set of measurements based on the “U”-shaped spring that appears red/orange in the picture. Each spring assembly is unique, built to each elevator’s specific design requirements.

Outsourced Processes

Whitesell’s wide range of in-house processes helps OEMs reduce or eliminate their need to vertically integrate many operations. This can help substantially lower their total costs of production, while improving assembly integrity, testing, and performance. This also reduces the parts, materials, and labor that would otherwise be required. Further, Whitesell has extensive expertise in leveraging offshore sourcing, production, and logistics.

Photo shows operator at bulk printing station where User Manuals and other materials are printed for inclusion in completed assemblies.

Whitesell Print & Bind operator for production of User Manuals and other ‘in-box’ printed materials.

Whitesell Assembler performs wiring and assembly of large item supplied finished, tested and ready to use to the customer.
Process Capabilities December 21, 2015