Product and Process Development

Engineering & Technical Leadership

The Whitesell Group’s leadership in product solutions and process engineering is often integrated at a fundamental level, as delivering higher value and lower cost product solutions often requires game-changing process innovation. “The money’s in the process,” and at the Whitesell Group, we employ engineering and technical staff who collaborate with our customers to identify the opportunities where reimagined manufacturing processes can strip out costs. In addition, Whitesell product development teams work with top OEMs on their “black box” design projects for maximum performance in exotic metals, ultra-precision tolerances, design-to-cost, etc. The result is a supply chain partner capable of developing custom-designed products that can be produced through custom-designed manufacturing processes, at the lowest optimal cost.

robotic welding

Wider Process Capabilities & Deeper Technical Competence

Cross Functional Automotive Engineering

Our laboratories specialize in the application of value analysis/value engineering (VA/VE) and innovative design to our processes. These laboratories are catalysts for Whitesell’s new process development and help facilitate our product prototyping, testing, simulation, validation, and prove-out.

Through extensive collaboration with customers, our Product and Process Development Team supports all platforms globally and provides the following benefits:

  • Products with better feature sets, delivered at lower costs
  • Shortest possible development cycles and time to market
  • Ability to validate manufacturability and “design to cost”
  • Use of exotic materials, including highly engineered stainless grades (Duplex 2205, DIN 1.4418, etc.)


Some unique features of our Product and Process Development include:

  • A2LA accredited, certificate #1799.01
  • ISO 17025, metallurgy & other certifications
  • High-end prototyping machinery
  • Experience with teardowns & extensive systems analysis
  • Locked-down engineering & meeting facilities
  • Advanced use of AutoCAD, CATIA & SolidWorks, including 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations
Innovation, Enabled

Whitesell’s world-class Product and Process Development capabilities enable customers to re-imagine their own products and services, leverage better materials, accelerate change, innovate throughout their supply chains, and validate their visions for both current and next-generation applications.

Product and Process Development November 20, 2015