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Cold Formed Components

Comprehensive Core Capability 

Through cold forming and forging, Whitesell has become a leading supplier of large diameter and long-length components used in multiple industries. We have more than 40 years of progressive cold forming experience, and we leverage in-house multi-axis CNC precision machining and screw machining, along with a full complement of vertically integrated secondary finishing operations. Whitesell’s cold formed and cold forged products include: 

  • Seat pivots
  • Spline shafts
  • Axle spindles
  • Shafts, connectors, and other products
Precision Machined Components x
More Options & Opportunities from One of the Continent’s Largest Precision Machining Centers

Opportunities exist for optimizing your supply chain with precision machined components through the Whitesell Group’s precision machining capabilities, highlighted by Hydromat and rotary transfer technologies and one of the largest, best equipped operational precision machining centers within NAFTA regions.

Higher technology, re-imagined processes, greater efficiencies, and fewer operations per part all add up to an opportunity for you to source a wider range of better parts at a lower cost than is otherwise available.

Supply chain management services for machined components such as logistics, distribution, in-plant VMI, and additional custom solutions are included the Whitesell Group’s integrated, end-to-end supply chain capabilities. Our precision machined component capability is wide-ranging, including applications such as:

  • Fixed and rotary wing aircraft components such as bifilers, engine supports and housings, and nacelle hinges
  • Gas turbine components for defense and industrial markets, including actuator assemblies, stage shroud assemblies, and air diffusers
  • Compressor shafts, diaphragm assemblies, nozzles, and shrouds
  • Refrigeration and screw compressor housings
  • Automotive components and items:
    • GDI (gas direct injection) components
    • EPB (electronic parking brake) components
    • Fuel rails
    • Brake caliper pistons
    • Roller lifters
    • Rocker arms
    • Valve bodies
    • Valvetrain components
    • Powertrain components
    • VCT (variable camshaft timing) components
    • VVL (variable valve lift) components
    • DIN 1.4418, Duplex 2205, 304L, 430, aluminum, etc.

 Vertical Integration of Whitesell Processes

GDI ComponentsIn addition to creating components through classic, standalone CNC precision machining, we cold form some parts into near-net shapes and then precision machine them into their final forms. This increases rates of production and substantially reduces raw materials, waste and scrap, energy and carbon footprint, and associated costs.


Many of the Whitesell Group’s GDI fuel rail components are produced through this method, resulting in cost and quality advantages for our customers.

Near Net and Precision Machined Advantages

Internally Threaded Components and Lock Nuts

Whitesell’s threaded components offer better high-temperature performance and typically lower costs than nylon inserts, while their locking features encompass the full breadth of metal nuts. Our customers enjoy threaded components with top, side, and center locking features, and our focus on tolerances ensures that our threaded components meet all performance specifications. Whitesell offers:

  • A variety of nut styles, including acorn, clinch, weld, T-nuts, and more
  • Lock nuts such as K-lock, prevailing torque, serrated, etc.
  • Special cold formed nuts

Engineered or Standard Fasteners & Class C Items

“Class C” generally includes high volume, low cost (HVLC) engineered or standard fasteners and components that are used in the assembly of a durable product. These items typically pose significant challenges to the customer’s supply chain. Whitesell enables customers to directly source the widest possible range of Class C items, from one fixed-cost manufacturer with decades of experience in distribution and logistics. Whitesell offers substantial cost savings with Class C items, including:

  • Nuts, bolts, and screws
  • Blind rivets, threaded inserts, and retaining rings
  • Stamped and spring steel fasteners
  • Plastic fasteners and components
  • Cable management components
  • Additional component styles

“Level Up” Your Machined Component Ambitions


Complex Milled and Turned ComponentWhitesell provides customers from the aerospace, military & defense, oil & gas, power generation, and other industries with specialized capabilities for highly complex precision components that are used in mission-critical systems and applications. For instance, we provide aerospace customers with products such as engine supports and housings, fuel controls, nacelle hinges, bearing supports, and bifilers. Our complex precision machining capabilities include milling, turning, and grinding of components ranging in size from 1” to 140”, along with the following:

  • Design for manufacturability (DFM) and concurrent engineering
  • Expertise with traditional and exotic alloys, from aluminum to Inconel
  • 24HRs from solid block

Solid Block precision milled, turned and grinded into a highly complex componentmachined aluminum castings x

Whitesell provides customers with numerous other metal-formed products, such as:

  • Additional fastening systems
  • Injection molded components
  • Exotic metal components
  • Hybrid-process components and assemblies
  • Sheet metal fabrications
Product Solutions December 21, 2015