Supply Chain Management

Your Next-Generation Supply Chain

Whitesell is re-inventing the supply chain model by seamlessly consolidating design, engineering, and manufacturing with sourcing, distribution, and logistics, including many engineered, proprietary parts. This is a shift away from typical deployments, which rely on a few major distribution centers scattered across large geographic areas. To provide our customers with superior service, we tailor each program using several centralized and strategic locations, aided by “in market” warehouses that leverage highly agile stock points. The result is a game-changing solution that offers greater speed and higher efficiency, all at a lower cost. With the Whitesell Group, you get a substantially broader range of highly engineered, specialty, and standard metal form products – all from one supplier.

A World-Class, Industry-Leading Full-Service Provider

With In-Plant Stock Points

Whitesell’s international distribution and logistics division was an original developer of the all-electronic flowshelf bin system, introducing the acclaimed Inteli-Rack® scanned bar code bin system in the late 1990’s. Today, Whitesell has provided billions of pieces to numerous customers, while maintaining an exemplary delivery and PPM record.

  • More than 20 years of VMI experience in a variety of markets 
  • Over 3 billion pieces procured, stored, and delivered annually
  • Aggregate delivery rating in excess of 99.8% on-time across all markets and hundreds of locations
  • Average annual PPM of less than 8 for all markets and less than 3 for automotive customers
  • Innovations in customized VMI – including pick/pack/ship for third-party logistics (3PL) products in returnable bins – all serialized and traceable
  • Refined “Kanban” processes, unique product labeling, sorting, and repackaging
  • Assembly, electronic testing, and bagging & kitting

Guaranteed Savings Throughout the Life of a Program

For more than 35 years, our manufacturing and distribution operations have comprised a unified group with a single, fixed-cost structure. Our profits are generated in part from synergies between core competencies in products, services, and end-to-end supply chain management solutions. In many cases, we guarantee savings throughout the cycle of supply chain programs that are tailored specifically to our customers’ requirements. Our next-generation supply chain management model offers several benefits, including:

  • Distribution at below-market cost for a wide breadth of products, including many engineered parts
  • Lower overhead, freight and materials partnerships, reusable containers, and other synergies that result in savings we share with our customers
  • An enormous space – into the hundreds of thousands of square feet – devoted to distribution, logistics, 3PL, testing, and quality (including A2LA accredited labs)
  • Reduced environmental and carbon footprint
  • In-plant stock points, such as inventory at point of use
  • Immediate response to plant floor and production cell needs
  • Temporary or permanent on-site technical assistance and support


Beyond these benefits, Whitesell prevents both shortages and excesses with expert handling of all the aspects of the supply chain with a strong emphasis on the management of deep analytics. Through on-site, real-time materials planning and reconciliation, our supply chain systems report fluctuations in demand directly back to manufacturing operations, thereby preventing shortages or excess production that could otherwise lead to obsolescence.


Whitesell Assembly Operations

Go Ahead. Get Creative.

The Whitesell Group is a different kind of supply chain solutions provider – one with a unique structure and a far broader range of consolidated core capabilities than any other major supplier in today’s global marketplace. Our goal is to enable customers to build scalable, responsive supply chain solutions based on their unique needs and operational requirements. Our supply chain solutions’ features and options include:

  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Value-added services such as scalable, point-of-use vendor managed inventory (VMI), Bin, Kanban and returnables, part sequencing, crib services, and more
  • Third-party logistics (3PL) and firewall testing
  • Creative transitioning of troubled or distressed suppliers and supply chains
  • Fasteners, Class-C items, and a wider breadth of products than other distributors
  • Unique capabilities for highly engineered components
  • Assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Bagging & kitting
  • Print & bind of installer and in-box user manuals
  • Custom delivery solutions
  • Line sequencing
  • Additional enhanced processing
  • Outsourcing


assembly capability 7

Unique Model for Unlocking Deeper Value 

Whitesell’s unique, blended manufacturing/distribution supply chain model delivers a complete solution, offering advantages of both disciplines with a single, fixed, lower-cost structure. Through the Whitesell Group, customers leverage full visibility and executive control of their supply chain pricing and sourcing at all times. Customers’ cost savings are apparent across a wide range of metrics, including piece price and costs for total assembly, freight, materials, and more. They also enjoy other advantages such as process and inventory elimination, vendor consolidation, reduced materials use, cash protection, and design or applications engineering solutions.

Supply Chain Management December 15, 2015